What's all the buzz about Total Product Destruction? See what our customers have to say!

-I highly recommend Total Product Destruction as a material processor. I have worked with them over the past year selling specialty plastic scrap. Total Product Destruction has always had fair pricing and often assists in finding outlets for our scrap material. 

Recently, Total Product Destruction was utilized to toll grind our acrylic scrap material that contained both good and bad material. When the idea was presented to have Total Product Destruction cut, separate good from bad, and grind the material, they open-mindedly accepted the challenge. After deciding to use their services, we were forced to move the project completion date sooner than anticipated. Even with the new timeframe, they were able to meet our quality standards and price requirements. We could not have asked for a better experience.

I am happy to recommend the services of Total Product Destruction.


-Our company has been doing business with Total Product Destruction for several years, and they’ve been a great asset to us.  Total Product’s attention to detail, from shipping, to sorting, to grinding, simply makes my life easier.  Their toll grinding services are top notch; a testament to their commitment to technology and investment in their employees.  I have a lot of things to worry about every day; getting quality materials from Total Product Destruction that are clean and free of contaminants isn’t one of them.  Their community involvement is icing on the cake, and makes me proud to call them a business partner. I would recommend Total Product Destruction to anyone that can use their services.


-"If you want to experience what true leadership is about, call or email one of the owners. The quick response will be, "Call my folks, they can help you, and do a better job than me." And guess what, they do a fabulous job! If they are this responsive to a provider, I can only imagine how delighted their customers are."


-Total Product Destruction has been handling various destruction projects for us as well as weekly pickups of corrugaged bales since 2005. I have had many dealings with them and the service is among the best I have ever received. My needs are always accommodated quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Most importantly, they are handled in an extremely courteous and friendly manner. Their doors are always open to me should I need to come by. To say we are a valued part of their "team" indeed expresses my working relationship with Total Product Destruction."


-"We have a long-standing business relationship with Total Product Destruction to provide their customers with an environmentally friendly and effective disposal option to landfill. We are proud to have companies like Total Product Destruction share the common goal of landfill avoidance with our energy recovery technology. TPD processes and packages material after recycling to be delivered in a manner consistent with our process equipment. Together we have been successful in diverting greater than 1,860 tons since early 2008 from landfill to coal replacement in the manufacturing of portland cement."


-"There are no frills at this company, just hard working smart people dedicated to being the best in every way. What does that mean to you as a customer? A refreshing experience with a different kind of company."


-"It does not take long to "feel" the culture of the company when I walk in the door. I get big smiles, hand shakes, and then it is back to business working for you, the customer!"


-"I want to thank you again for showing me around your place. It was am amazing experience for me. I was blown away and touched to see the passion and drive of the handicapped people you have working there. I think you have the best work environment that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!!"


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